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Natural Reflection

London Fashion Week

In September, 2018, Lian Cara featured her new ready to wear collection with Fashion’s Finest at London Fashion Week.

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Halter Dress

Amazing designer. Clothes are fantastic quality and very well made. I can’t wait to see more from lian and her amazing work. Not only fabulous clothes she’s professional and very friendly.

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Halter Top

Lian invited me to try on the outfit at her Studio as she knew I was worried about the fit, because I'm 5ft. She said if the garments weren't quite right, she would alter them for me. The outfit fitted me like a glove and I fell IN LOVE. I got quite emotional because this has never happened to me before. It actually fit and looked beautiful. Lian showed me how to put them on and where to place the ties. I would recommend Lian Cara Designs and I would definitely give her 5 stars. I am extremely excited to wear these garments at my graduation. Thank You Lian 💖

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Long Top

Lian Cara Designs are a great mix of separates and one-pieces in wearable colours and styles. My current favourite are the wearable trousers. A great item that works well with my wardrobe. Lian is a lovely approachable young woman and is very professional in helping you choose the right design for you. Her clothes are well made and of great quality. As well as being at an affordable price for an individual designer. These designs can be worn by all ages but she certainly understands the needs of women of a certain age and her designs are sure to become classics. I personally can't wait to see her new collection which I'm sure will be sold out in no time.

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Halter Dress

Thank You so much for my perfect dress 🖤 I've searched online and in shops for absolute years and it just became apparent I wasn't going to find one right for me ... Now i have the most incredible dress that is everything I've been needing & wanting ... I threw you in completely at the deep end with a change of colours from your norm and an entirely new style and you nailed it !!! You completely captured everything the dress has been made for as well as leaving me with the options of resizing due to my fluctuating weight, and even leaving me with the added bonus of being able to style it differently for each performance ... Last Night Towy Youth Actors & Actots had their production & for the first time even before joining them I actually felt comfortable and like the Director ... It takes a lot to find someone who can give everything I needed for this particular outfit whilst having to work with a Larger than Life smurf lol x I cannot thankyou enough Lian Cara Designs ... I will get photos to you very soon 🖤 Roll on our next adventure

Lian Cara Customer

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